About Us

The Serkam Pantai Grilled Fish Food Court, located approximately 30 kilometres from Jassin town, is one of the main attractions for tourists who love seafood. Both foreign and local tourist who are desirous of sovouring grilled fish are certain to be captivated by the array of servings of delicious tastes.

They will usually come at night to enjoy the food served right here. Big parking lots enable them to easily park their cars. Beautiful night scenery at the Serkam River jetty is also a factor to attract visitors. A variety of seafood menu is offered to the visitors. Among them are sweet and sour barramundi, grilled fish, fried squids and prawns in chilies. The cheap and reasonable prices attract a lot of visitors to come and eat here with family and friends.

Other than satisfying the palate, visitors can also enjoy the breathtaking seaside scenery. The Serkam Jamek mosque, a historical mosque of a few hundreds years old, famous for its unique intricate caryings, is just a short distance from the food court and a popular tourist attraction. There, tourists can also indulge in some shopping from the various stalls selling local handicrafts and souvenirs.